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allen tang
93` till
elgin, illinois
75% vietnamese| 25% chinese
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As for the Vietnamese culture as I get older I have begun to notice the traditions and unwritten habits we hold dear to our daily lifestyle.

We’ve grown very heartless, emotionless, so that we don’t show fear/weakness, we have too much pride to swallow.

We are very rude at times, from the goodbyes to the comments of being realistic.

As for relationships; we pick and choose but carefully pick and choose.  To family love is always of course unconditional.  Love is a whole other subject when it comes to outside blood.  We can’t just let anyone in, 

no matter who you were, if i met you in my life, even if we never talked but i saw a glimpse of you

you have impacted my life

as for the girls in my life that i’ve emotionally been attached to, there’s always a soft spot in my heart

when’s it my time

midterm week not even studying doin work for my fraternity

i chose the greek lifeme big and twin

i chose the greek life

me big and twin


i just want warm hugz

maybe i didn’t mean that much to you, but you definitely meant a lot to me.

i just wanna be loved…….

the happiest people are the saddest ones, 

just wanna have someone to talk to,

meeting new ppl makes life liveable, knowing theres other people out there with great personalities, pretty cool pretty cool

never woulda thought id be in this situation

on the other hand not having a job is stressful

when you feel like you’re losing all of hope

me and my mom been runnin in this game we all life for whatever amount of time, its like who do you fall on? financially it puts a great burden on my heart being so young its extremely stressful

got fired for being nine minutes late, was late two times max at that job, its insane how people will do deceitful things and blow it out of proportion, i can’t blame anyone but myself

yes i’m a glutton and will always be a glutton 

will always be amazed how emotions can affect my mentality

im running in circles

a broken puzzle